Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Goodbye Blog

Well blog. We've had a good run. Probably longer than I would have expected. I'm like, 5 days behind and I didn't even get a picture yesterday. What this tells me? I've lost interest in you. I struggle every day to get a picture, and most days I hate the ones I post. So why do it? You're a hobby I find more annoying than enjoying, so lets just part ways here. Deal? Thanks blog, I knew you'd understand.



Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 38~ I'm that neighbor

Poor neighbor. Whatever happened to him, it required the a firetruck, an ambulance, 3 police cars, and two under covers. Holy moly. I hope he's okay. They took him out on a strecher. I keep telling myself I should get to know my neighbors, should something bad ever happen to me I'd want to know I'm surrounded by people who might notice that I'm no longer around...or that would get me help should they see something happen to me. I wish the neighbor next door annoying fence posts were not in the way, or the view would have been better. Oh well. On to spy another day.

Day 37~ Dad, you're funny

This picture is horrible. I picked it because it's hilarious. As I've mentioned more than once, my parents are selling their house. To get the new carpet in we had to prep the floors. We like to paint the subfloor with a special primer to block oders, because lets face it...like 10 pets over 18 years and you're bound to have a few accidents. So we had painted the floor and my dad was leaving to go get lunch. The problem? His money and keys were in the bedroom, at the end of the hallway. That room already has new carpet in it, and so he couldn't get paint on it. So he had to put these bags over his shoes, so he could step out of them and get into the room to get his keys and card. I stuck my camera around the corner and just snapped this picture as he was coming back. Ah, good times.

Day 36~ The Domestic Failure

Yep. That's me. My poor husband. I made what could be described as the worst meal ever. And he sat there and ate it like a champ. It was supposed to be orange chicken. Apparently the type of orange juice used is important. The stuff I used was on sale, and my dinner turned out like a crayon explosion with this horrible aftertaste that just burned your mouth with sourness. UGH. Anyhoo. There was nothing left to photograph because I cook for two, and we rarely have leftovers as neither of us care for them much. But here is the remains of the horrible sauce in the crockpot. It was also a busy day so this was the only picture I managed to take. Sorry for the poor quality.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 35~ Has Spring Sprung?

I think it has. And as evidence I present to you: berries on my bush outside. :) Spring time, I'm so glad to finally see you here. I can't tell you how happy I am to not freeze my tail off when I go outside. My morning walk with the dogs is certainly more enjoyable, and I find myself actually wanting to be outside even after the walk. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us this season. I hope good things.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 34~A road less traveled

I love walking in this campground. Mostly because it's closed right now, so I guess technically we're trespassing. But it's not like we're hurting anything. It's state property, not private... though I'm not sure that helps my case very much. Anyhoo. We take our dogs here to run around to get out some energy. It's so quite and peaceful. There isn't anyone around except us and the birds. Even though I'm excited to see Spring come, I'll be kind of bummed to really be kicked out of here. Only people reserved there can hang out once it opens. Bummer. Until next fall Poole Knobs.

Day 33~ Dog overboard!

We took Tank and Daisy to the lake on Friday. Daisy loves loves loves the water. Even if it's freezing outside, she runs right to the water and lays down. I just don't understand it. It was a nice day outside, I stuck my finger in the water to see how it felt... and I gotta tell ya, it was pretty darn cold. Crazy girl.